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Salad Days Magazine | April 18, 2024

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Hardcore band Spine share new single and video ‘P.O.C.’

Hardcore band Spine share new single and video ‘P.O.C.’
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Sign with Convulse Records, announce ‘Raíces’ album out June 30th.

Formed in 2011, Kansas City hardcore meets powerviolence band Spine has always played by their own rules. The band announces their signing with Convulse Records for the release of their third full-length, ‘Raíces’, set for release June 30th. Spine have crafted twelve thoughtful, uncompromising songs that dive into the title’s translation to “roots”, with focuses on identity in culture and one’s self. Single ‘P.O.C.’, out now, is a 42-second rager dialing into vocalist Antonio Marquez experiences as a Cuban-American and protecting the voices of marginalized communities. The video for the track, directed by Taylor Stribrny, shows a live performance from the band blended with vintage footage. Marquez expands on the lyrical content:

“This is written from the perspective that “white” people always seem to have opinions on issues that don’t and have never affected them. Therefore they tend to try to tell you that your experiences and your history is wrong. They over step into issues taking the voice away from those who need to carry their own causes and should be given visibility. This happens very often with any conflict, not just international. Sit back and listen to our experiences. You’ve either lived it and experienced it or you haven’t.”

With eight releases under their belt, it’s no surprise the running joke in the band is “this is going to be our last record,” but with ‘Raíces’, Spine have created a sonic assault that attests to the band’s longevity. Recorded in a steel storage unit that the band converted into a practice space, the record was helmed by guitarist Alex Tunks with most of the instrumental output arranged by bassist Max Chaney (who recently amicably parted ways with the band), and then mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. The majority of the tracks on the album clock in under one minute, delivering a persistent urgency with biting guitars, frenzied drums, and throaty vocals from Marquez delivered in a mix of Spanish and English. The band pulls from a unique blend of influences, The band pulls from a unique blend of influences, citing ‘80s crossover bands like Siege and Die Kreuzen to Cuban singer-songwriter Polo Montañez, not only in sound but in the ethos of being true to yourself. They lyrics stress personal identity and struggle, but are crafted in a way to let the listener interpret as they see fit. Spine’s invigorating sound translates to their energy-packed live show, which has been on full display across North America and at festivals like Sound And Fury and This Is Hardcore. The band is gearing up to play two midwest shows supporting Drain next week and will head to the east coast in July for a short run with Destiny Bond. Full dates below.

Spine is Antonio Marquez (vocals), Alex Tunks (guitar), Dillon Bendetti (drums) and Max VanTillburg (bass).


‘Raíces’ Tracklist:

1. Odio

2. Vacio

3. Winter

4. Exterminate

5. Sigue La Lucha

6. Traitor

7. Raíces

8. P.O.C.

9. Peligro

10. H.T.T.H

11. Pure

12. Madre Mía

Upcoming Shows:

5/31 – Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck w/ Drain, Drug Church, MSPAINT

6/1 – St. Louis, MO @ Blueberry Hill w/ Drain, Drug Church, MSPAINT

7/14 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Destiny Bond

7/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Bonk’s Bar w/ Destiny Bond

7/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Destiny Bond

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