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Salad Days Magazine | June 14, 2024

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New Video: Sealy Troh ‘If You Want Me’

New Video: Sealy Troh ‘If You Want Me’
Salad Days

Sealy Troh’s music is an eclectic culmination of every scene he’s ever been in or listened to.

He is a fan of artists like Daft Punk, People Under the Stairs, Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, and A Tribe Called Quest. “I’m influenced by Ska, Hardcore, Punk, Metal and Hip-Hop,” he says. “Like those styles, those genres, I’m drawn to lyrics where there are messages about living your life, living your dreams and being free.” A student at California State University, Northridge, as Sealy Troh begins to prep for the release of his debut album, the video for his street buzz record, ‘G-Men’ which has served as the official launch-point for his ‘Yellow Lights’ mixtape has already generated over 100K views in just a few weeks. The underlying theme on many of Sealy’s tracks are about struggle, hustle and dream chasing; something his young and rabid fan base will and can certainly identify with. ‘Yellow Lights’ features original tracks and Sealy shines on ‘Like That’ f/ Pretty Toney, which serves as an ode to Dr. Dre & Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ and the infectious hook of the anthemic ‘If You Want Me’ will have listeners singing along almost immediately. Sealy shows off his impressive lyricism on heaters such as ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Here We Come’ Sealy Troh’s second video, the title track of his forthcoming mixtape, ‘Yellow Lights’ is set to be released in April and the lead-single is a soul sampled groove remembrance of Jay-Z. ‘Yellow Lights’ features a new movement of young talent assembled by Sealy, spearheaded by Sealy himself and it embodies the street-energy resonating in America’s ghettos across the globe.

Audio Link:

Tracklisting and credits for Sealy Troh’s ‘Yellow Lights’ Mixtape:


2.) “Yellow Lights”

3.) “All I Know”

4.) “G-Men”

5.) “Star Gazing”

6.) “Like That”

7.) “You Got It”

8.) “I Tell No Lies”

9.) “Lisa P. (The Change)”

10.) “If You Want Me”

11.) “Yesterday”

12.) “Take Another One”

13.) “Here We Come”

14.) “You Know”

15.) “Maybe I’m Wrong” (***Bonus Track)

Ruste Juxx & Shae Money ‘Over Here’ Music Video
Ruste Juxx teams up with Shae Money, a new producer on the rise out of Denver, Colorado. Directed by Adam Waltner

@RusteJuxx357 | @Shae_Moneybags | @DuckDownMusic

New Audio: Marco Polo f/ Tragedy, Lil Fame (of. M.O.P.), Adrian Younge & The Delfonics ‘Stand Up’ (Remix)
With the fifth and final leak before Marco Polo drops his highly-anticipated free-LP, ‘Newport Authority 2′, Marco states “I did a remix for ‘Stand Up’ off the brand new Adrian Younge presents The Delfonics project (who am I big fan of, y’all should cop anything he’s a part of.) Adrian sent me the album early and I made this beat. Tragedy was originally gonna lay down one verse on this on some freestyle sh*t, but once I started hearing his bars I refused to let this be a one verse song! Three verses later and appropriate hook by Slap aka Fizzy Womack aka Lil Fame we have the ‘Stand Up’ remix. Tragedy will have an alternate version of this song on his upcoming album as well. Now please enjoy the final leak from ‘Newport Authority 2!’

Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics is available via the Waxpoetics store:

Instagram: MarcoPoloBeats

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