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Salad Days Magazine | February 26, 2024

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New videos from 6’10 and MXPX

New videos from 6’10 and MXPX
Salad Days

Last week, we received two new videos by our friend Bryan Buchelt.

Bryan runs the Snaproll Studios in Chicago, IL, and has filmed acoustic sessions with clients such as The Ataris, MXPX, The Static Age, Flatfoot 56 and 6’10. (Link: At the beginning of the week, MXPX have released their music video ‘Stay On Your Feet’ which was put together from the big sold out shows with Tom and Yuri in NYC and LA in 2013. ‘Stay On Your Feet’ was released in 2012, as part of the record ‘Plans Within Plans’ on Rock City Recording Company / Flix Records.


The second video by 6’10 from their debut album ‘The Humble Beginnings Of A Rovin’Soul’ (release 09 December 2014 via Ollie Mob / Burnside Distribution) is now available on Youtube. ‘Backpack’ was shot in December in the surroundings of Chicago. People who know the winter in the Windy City know that this must have been a rather cold video shot for everyone involved.

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