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Salad Days Magazine | July 18, 2024

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Rome SDS adds Ozzy Henning to the pro team

Rome SDS adds Ozzy Henning to the pro team
Salad Days

Not to be confused with the lead singer of Sabbath, Ozzy Henning is out for blood! With an appetite for heavy-consequence urban spots, technical rail riding and mind-blowing grabs; Ozzy‘s riding demands attention.

Ozzy has caught ROME‘s attention when an edit of him ripping Park City on OG Hammerhead deck started making its rounds online. Pretty quickly it has become apparent that something is different about this kid from Utah. Style and control radiated from every press, every grab and every spin. Fast forward to the 12 Months Project, Ozzy has thrown down standout parts in the opening November segment, January in Quebec, April in his Utah stomping grounds, July at Mt. Hood and wrapping it all up with a hammer segment for October in Austria. The following year, it has been a no-brainer that Ozzy would be making the trip to Kazakhstan for the first video of ROME‘s ‘Find Snowboarding’ series. Riding with a broken wrist for the majority of the trip, he has continued to stack clips, shovel spots, pull bungee and help the crew. That same season, Ozzy got the nod to film with Absinthe Films and fulfill a childhood dream. ‘HeavyMental’ saw him taking his riding to bigger and gnarlier spots while bringing along his signature style. His most recent part in Absinthe’s ‘Eversince’ picks up right where he left off. Very rarely is a rider’s style entertaining, technical and most importantly, inspiring. Every time Rome SDS watch Ozzy ride it find ourselves wondering if it’s possible to replicate. The Rome SDS is beyond stoked to see what the future holds for Ozzy. All Rome SDS know for sure is excited to see what he does next. Welcome to the Pro Team Ozzy!

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