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Salad Days Magazine | June 14, 2024

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Scheisse Minnelli – ‘Hallo Werner’

Scheisse Minnelli – ‘Hallo Werner’
Salad Days

A drunken night on tour in Vienna, listening to Hostages Of Ayatollah’ after watching too much youTube videos the whole day – documentaries about Hamburg Reeperbahn…

and suddenly in an alcoholic haze a crazy idea becomes a song and a video. (Here’s the original film from Hamburg Reeperbahn). ‘Hallo Werner’ is the second videoclip for Scheisse Minnelli’s upcoming 5th (!) album ‘Waking Up On Mistake Street’ containing twelve full speed ahead Hardcore/Skatepunk tracks with a California-Style sense for catchy hooks, melodies and even melancholy. Songs about real life experiences Scheisse Minnelli have lived through themselves or people they know personally – punkrock-youth, criminal pasts, dealing with the world, experimentation with things like drugs as well as skateboarding and a funny cover of ‘Hallo Nachbar’ by Hostages Of Ayatollah. For all friends of RKL, Verbal Abuse, MDC, Dr Know

The album will be released on Oct. 26th by Destiny Recs (Europe) and Beanies Recs (USA).

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