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Salad Days Magazine | June 13, 2024

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Twofold – The Prelude EP // Out 5th March 2013 on Firepower Records

Twofold – The Prelude EP // Out 5th March 2013 on Firepower Records
Salad Days

‘The Prelude EP’
(Firepower Records)
Release Date: Tue 5th March 2013

Firepower’s ethos is to bring fresh, undiscovered talent to the forefront of the scene and provide individuals with a platform to get their music heard worldwide. With this in mind, enter Datsik’s latest discovery…Twofold are a UK/US production duo made up of Static Function & Vannin. The two started off as separate entities but after numerous successful collaborations, they decided to join forces to form an all-encompassing powerhouse duo. Twofold are set to release their debut ‘The Prelude EP’ on Firepower Records, coming correct with six high-octane club smashers. Kicking things off ‘Clandestine’ lays the backdrop with a psychedelic intro which leads into a driving drop of pummeling bass pulses and tribal percussion. ‘Double Up’ follows with a menacing, stripped back intro building up to its rock-infused climax replete with chugging bass rhythms and cavernous snares. The duo switch things up with ‘Motion Sickness’ pinning the rapidfire bass to a driving 4×4 rhythm, while ‘Ordnance’ lets all hell loose, tearing through the speakers with its impenetrable wall of bass and tumbling drum fills. ‘Simulacrum’ comes through with explosive force, cranking up the energy dial further still with its loping bass growl before Twofold joining forces with FreeFall on closing track ‘DJ’, which runs smoothly with shimmering synths and atmospheric keys before unleashing an almighty bass drop. Twofold thrive on experimenting with all kinds of musical genres, and ‘The Prelude EP’ demonstrates their mastery of many. With no barriers the duo are free to run with their own individual style and you can hear the pure creativity coming through in their music. Still at the start of their careers it won’t be long before we see Twofold breaking onto the scene in a big way and we look forward to hearing much more from them. Preview:


2.Double Up
3.Motion Sickness
6.DJ ft. Free Fall

For more information on Twofold see below:


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