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Salad Days Magazine | May 19, 2024

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American Television ‘Bittersweet’ video premiere

American Television ‘Bittersweet’ video premiere
Salad Days

‘Bittersweet’ is another example of the angsty pop-punk that American Television has gotten down to a science and it will certainly wake you up this morning.

Palm mutes, harmonies, group vocals, a lead guitar line that gets stuck in your head… it’s all on display in under three minutes with ‘Bittersweet’. The band asked some of their talented friends to lend a hand and ended up with a video that feels like a sequel to Office Space and screams 90s nostalgia.

‘Bittersweet’ is a song about the one-sided relationship that is working for a corporation. You give and give and give, and then are just chewed up and spit out. But of course you always show back up on Monday morning.” – American Television.

The band has also landed a new home for their album, ‘Scars’, with Florida indie label SmartPunk Records.
FFO: Off With Their Heads, The Copyrights, Green Day, Masked Intruder

Album Credits:
Steve Rovery – Guitar & vocals
Jerred Lazar – Lead guitar & backing vocals
Edwin Wikfors – Bass
Bryan Flowers – Drums

All songs written and performed by American Television, all rights reserved
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Green at IVAKOTA
Except Death Defier & The Creek
Engineered and mixed by Pablo Cabrera at Analog Approach
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation

Album Art:
Illustrations by Rockets Are Red
Photos by James Walker

Press Photo:
Miranda Jayne

Living in the shadow of Washington DC, it’s no surprise that American Television is fueled and influenced by the pressures and political turmoil of nation’s capital. They shape their angst, exhaustion, and personal traumas, plus a dash of hope, into a molotov cocktail of melody and vitriol aimed at both the system and their own demons. Their second full length album ‘Scars’ picks up where 2020’s ‘Watch It Burn’ (Wiretap Records) left off. The juxtaposition of cynical perspectives sung over pop-punk hooks makes Lp an extremely fun and engaging listen. Though they may have flown under your radar until now, chances are American Television has shared the stage with your favorite Fest bands like Spanish Love Songs, Direct Hit!, Iron Chic, MakeWar, The Copyrights, Piebald. They are no strangers to the yearly festival themselves, having played for three consecutive years. American Television delivers a unique, yet familiar brand of fast-paced, melodic punk rock and, with the release of Scars, has continued to sharpen their songwriting skills with a socially conscious sentimentality and an infectious intensity.

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