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Salad Days Magazine | May 22, 2024

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L1 Premium Goods // ‘Tomorrow World’ | A Snowboard Film

L1 Premium Goods // ‘Tomorrow World’ | A Snowboard Film
Salad Days

‘Tomorrow World’ presented by L1 Premium Goods.

Embarking on a mysterious odyssey, a cadre of intrepid snowboarders set their sights on the enigmatic streets of Idaho and Montana. Venturing beyond the familiar landscapes, they find themselves in a realm where the streets whisper secrets to the wind, and the snow-laden alleys stand sentinel over hidden treasures of steel & concrete. In the heart of these rustic territories, the landscape unfurls like a mythical tapestry, revealing untamed descents that defy imagination.

Dominik Wagner, Luke Lund, Justin Phipps, Simon Gschaider, Ben Egan, Joe Sexton, Taylor Davies, Brantley Mullins, Denver Orr, Jordan Morse, Caleb Kinnear, Hunter Goulet, Jeremy Jones, Christy Prior

A film by: Morgan Jennings, Alex Pfeffer

Documented by:
Morgan Jennings, Alex Pfeffer, Ted Borland, Erik Olsen, Karsten Boysen, Kyle Schwartz, Justin Meyer, Nate Hanson, Brendan Berry, Justin Phipps

Produced by:
Bob Plumb, Knut Eliassen, Andi Aurhammer, Morgan Jennings

00:00 Intro
01:12 Simon Gschaider
02:24 Justin Phipps
04:40 Simon Gschaider first Old English
05:25 Hijinx part
07:47 Brantley Mullins
08:20 Joe Sexton
08:40 Ben Egan
11:30 Dominik Wagner
14:45 Caleb Kinnear
15:25 Hunter Goulet
15:51 Christy Prior
16:04 Denver Orr
16:52 Jeremy Jones
17:45 Luke Lund
21:21 Outro

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