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Salad Days Magazine | June 17, 2024

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Salad Days

Song appears on ‘End Position’, out September 16 from The Flenser.

“Tomorrow I will do it. I will cash my paycheck and I will buy the gun. I am tired and I can’t take anymore.”

Disgusted with life but eager for catharsis, the duo of Leo Ashline and Shaun Ringsmuth – aka STREET SECTS – formed in 2013. They embraced the experimental attitude and disillusionment of early industrial music pioneers, eschewing traditional rock music instrumentation and arrangement in favor of modern sampling technology and harsh electronics. Together they released a series of singles but are now preparing for their debut full-length, ‘End Position’, to be released on September 16 from The Flenser. The album utilizes frantic, uncompromising rhythms and a variety of electronic screeches and screams, showcasing a feverish marriage between suicidal industrial music and punk rock. With their debut album, End Position, they unleash a relentless, dystopian vision upon the world.
Street Sects have released another new song from the album – this one titled ‘Our Lesions’

The band commented on the track: “Have you ever loved someone who didn’t love themselves? Have you ever loved someone because they didn’t love themselves? Have you ever fantasized about killing someone you loved? Have you ever fantasized about killing yourself? Have you ever walked alone down a crowded street and felt the camera of your mind pull back away from yourself, into the sky, so that you could see yourself crawling among the other rats, just as ugly but somehow different, somehow better? Have you ever wanted to wave your hand through the air and feel the people around you break and shatter like glass, splintering into silence, leaving you standing there alone, the master of your own private reality? Have you ever wished with all of your heart that you had the power to just fucking end everything? ‘Our Lesions’ is perhaps the song we are most proud of on ‘End Position’, in part because I think it manages to combine most of the feelings we wanted to convey on this record into one song.”


‘End Position’, track listing:
1. And I Grew Into Ribbons
2. Copper In The Slots
3. In Defense Of Resentment
4. Featherweight Hate
5. Our Lesions
6. Victims Of Nostalgia
7. Black Din
8. Feigning Familiarity
9. Collared, Kept
10. If This Is What Passes For Living

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