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Salad Days Magazine | June 19, 2024

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NoReason Records – Brightr ‘New Years’

NoReason Records – Brightr ‘New Years’
Salad Days

NoReason Records, in collaborazione con Penultimate Records (Australia) e LockJaw Records (UK) è lieta di presentare il nuovo singolo dell’artista inglese Brightr!

‘New Years’ anticipa il rilascio del nuovo EP ‘Two Sides’ previsto per inizio Aprile, che sarà presentato in Italia il 6 Aprile al NoReason Fest, che si terrà all’HT Factory di Seregno, dove Brightr farà compagnia a Antillectual, Astpai, Mike Noegraf e tanti altri artisti di casa NoReason.

Brightr racconta con onestà le emozioni con cui questo brano è stato composto:

‘New Years’ is the saddest and most honest song I’ve written for Brightr. Without giving everything over, it’s about the painful realisation that someone you value the most in the world might actually be better off without you around. The song goes through the stages of facing up to this brutal truth, until finally coming to the conclusion that no one other than me will understand the hard choices I’ve had to make; that there are always ‘Two Sides’ to the story.”

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